VIP Driver Service was founded in early 2019 by Martin Meijer.

After driving internationally for 26 years, he started his own company in the higher segment of passenger transport. Taking your trip to the last detail, that is what Martin sees as the most important goal. And with his perfectionistic nature, that is not a challenge.
In 2014 he received his Dekra D1 certificate for management transport. In his own words he conveys direct members exactly as it should be; with thorough knowledge of the roads, etiquette and class. Combined with its extensive driving experience, this ensures a comfortable ride to your destination.
Martin is not unknown for any destination, both in the Netherlands and internationally. The route is carefully prepared to get you carefree at destination. In doing so, he avoids traffic jams as much as possible, so that you can optimally use your time.
Your travel time becomes working time, so your return is many times higher. The result? You arrive well and can handle your business with full attention. In addition, the hours are billable, so you quickly earn back the costs of a driver.

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